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Scorching and searing with her unrelenting vocality, Bella Renee is a rising talent of her residing Arizona home.  Astonishing masses with the ability to draw-in, captivate, and emotionally connect instantly on several levels of  life, her lyrics and vocals are a mainstay for many. Infusing the gripping sounds of indie, electronica, and other  high energy genres with her heartfelt and fervent words; this artist has an eye and ear for magnetic music.  

Bella Renee’s earth-shattering skills are derived from a passion for sound at an early age. Her beloved  attraction to music and the art form of songwriting became her calling. These inspirations and childhood  infatuations quickly evolved into a lifelong phenomenon that has taken her to places others dream of.


The experiences and performances of the contemporary-grounded artist, Bella Renee include but are never  limited to music festival appearances, stadium-sized sporting events, patriotic duties for our Armed Forces,  chart-topping singles, collaborations, and more. Bella Renee is on a trajectory so immovable, her success is  merely inevitable.  

Her current repertoire of achievements is only growing. Amassing hundreds of thousands of streams, being featured in dozens of blogs, radio features, in addition to her jaw-dropping performances; headlining, and supporting, the empirical proof is before us.

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